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Customized LED mirrors for bathroom, residential, commercial, and hospitality industries.  Support OEM, ODM, and wholesale orders.

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LED Lighted Mirror Manufacturer in China

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Customize LED Mirrors and Cabinets

Size, Shape or Style

Either standard-sized LED mirrors or custom-sized ones, Okay Mirror can help you design, fabricate, and verify their practicality for your markets.

  • Size: from small to big ( * do not exceed 96″)
  • Shape: round, rectangle, oval, irregular shape
  • Style: rounded, framed, non-framed.
mirror size shape and style


Morden technologies make everything possible, a simple LED lighted mirror can come with plenty of functions:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Defogger system
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • Motion switch or touch switch
  • TV display
mirror functions


Mirrors are ubiquitous in our daily lives. With the development of technology, modern LED mirrors incorporate even more functions to satisfy the needs of different markets globally. Review the following featured markets that we are serving…, OR [read more applications]

Applications Residential for homepage


Living room, bathrooms, closets, and even wardrobe all need mirrors in residential homes. Furthermore, mirrors integrated with LED lights changed the illumination style in people's rooms.

Applications Commercial for homepage


Lighted mirrors and mirror TVs are often applied to commercial venues to enhance marketplaces' aura and also bring convenience to people in the activities.

Applications Hospitality for homepage


Modern mirrors in hospitality suites can bring a high-quality experience to guests who expect luxury. With high CRI LED lighting, mirrors can render your real color.

Applications Salon for homepage


Lighting mirrors can be dimmable and change color temperature from soft white to daylight so as to create visual effects for different purposes, such as makeup, hair-styling, and so on.

Applications Retail for homepage


Silver mirrors can reflect more real dressing effects to consumers in retail shops as they are displayed under sunshine, this can not only boost sales revenue but also reduce complaints.

Applications Sports Facilities for homepage

Sports Facilities

Public spaces in sports facilities like sports arenas, civic centers, and gymnasiums use tailor-made mirrors can dramatically improve the visual effects.

Who We Are

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Founded in 2012, OkayMirror is China’s leading lighted mirror manufacturer and supplier.

With more than 7 engineers, OkayMirror is renowned for its professional engineering in the commercial mirror industry. Most of our products are applied to homes, hotels, and public facilities.

OkayMirror helps our customers and partners win more market shares over time by providing customized solutions to different clients.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I am working in an interior design company, we always have new projects for personal houses or commercial buildings, OkayMirror is one of our partners, Their mirrors combine cutting-edge features with enduring style, seamlessly fitting into our decor. I have to say that cooperation with them is just as polished as their mirrors, making them a go-to for any bathroom project. I highly recommend OkayMirror.
Dennis Jackson - Interior Designer
Dennis Jackson
Interior Designer
We are the contractor of interior decoration for apartment projects, and almost every case requires different mirrors. such as bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, wardrobe mirrors, and so on. OkayMirror provides us with exceptional products and service. Their bathroom mirrors are not only stylish and versatile but also feature practical elements like LED lighting and anti-fog technology. The durability of their mirrors impresses in every install, ensuring long-term client happiness. OkayMirror's efficient delivery and responsive customer support make them a preferred choice for my projects. I confidently recommend OkayMirror for any bathroom build or renovation seeking quality and reliability.
Dharmesh Ahir - Contractor
Dharmesh Ahir
As an architect, I value OkayMirror's fusion of design and technology. Their LED mirrors bring a luxe, functional edge to my bathroom projects, with features like anti-fog and perfect illumination impressing clients. The durability and style variety meet diverse design needs. OkayMirror's responsive service and prompt delivery enhance their appeal. My endorsement comes from seeing consistent client satisfaction and the transformative impact these mirrors have on spaces. Highly recommend for any discerning architectural work.
Keith Kugler - Architect
Keith Kugler
I started my eCommerce business on Amazon a few years ago when I sourced some LED mirror suppliers in China. Our requirements are simple: products should be popular in the current market and the package should be strong enough to sustain long-distance delivery to our clients (local consumers), making sure they can receive LED mirrors unintactly. OkayMirror did a good job, they have kept developing new products for our eCommerce owners. We are looking forward to further cooperation with OkayMirror in this new year.
John Doe E-commerce business owner
John Doe


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