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OkayMirror has been a professional lighted mirror manufacturer in China since 2012. Our LED mirrors are used in bathrooms, living rooms, commercial and residential locations, and other areas.

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About OkayMirror

Welcome to Okay Mirror

Established in 2012, OKayMirror has focused on LED mirrors for over ten years. Our engineering has an LED lighting background, which is why OkayMirror can offer our partners mirrors with better lighting solutions.

Together with optimized structures (patent design) by experienced structure engineers, we can fabricate high-end LED mirrors without darkened corners. By doing this, OKayMirror helps our partners easily win their local market.

In recent years, to satisfy the global market for bathroom interior design, we started a new production line dedicated to providing high-quality bathroom mirrors to the hospitality industry and residential and commercial applications. We also support OEM and OEM services for contractors, wholesalers, and distributors.

By cooperating with our partners and representatives, OKayMirror offers a wide variety of LED mirrors for various industries, such as hospitality, residential, commercial, salon, retail, sports facilities, healthcare, and so on.

there are also multiple functions you can choose for different applications; for example, you may need an anti-fog system when the mirror is used in the bathroom; dimmable lighting for residential, adjustable light color temperature for hotels and senior living; or Bluetooth speaker, if you want to enjoy some music when doing the bath.

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OkayMirror History


OkayMirror Founded in Shenzhen, China

2014 markup mirrors

Began to explore and develop LED markup mirrors for wholesale market and serve distributors globally

2016 bathroom mirrors

New production line launched: Bathroom LED mirrors for booming market.

2017 bathroom mirrors

Develop several new technology for bathroom mirrors, such as bluetooth, touch switch, touch dimmer anti-fog fuctions and so on.

2019 full length mirrors

Upgrade production equipments, OkayMirror can handle manufacturing of large size mirrors for wardrobe, living room, and clothing store.

2021 mirrored cabinets

Develope mirror cabinets for global markets

2022 mirrored cabinets

Update the structure of mirrored cabinets


Keep on developing new products for clients and markets



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