Bathroom Mirrors

Modern LED bathroom mirrors for residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, and healthcare locations.

Bathroom Mirrors

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Any shape and function are available, whether frame or frameless, aluminum, stainless steel, or polystyrene, we can make it on your requirements.

Rectangular Bathroom Mirror


Round Bathroom Mirror


Oval Bathroom Mirror



Arched Bathroom Mirror


Irregular Bathroom Mirror


Bathroom Mirror with Engraving Patterns

Engraving Pattern

Bathroom Mirror with RGB Back light

RGB Back Light

bathroom mirror factory production line

Bathroom Mirror Manufacturer

OkayMirror is a professional bathroom mirror manufacturer and supplier in China, supporting global OEM, ODM, and wholesale orders. For almost 20 years, OkayMirror has been committing to developing high-quality LED lighted mirrors for our clients worldwide. Our factory covers over 20,000 square meters and has passed the ISO9001 quality system. OkayMirror’s bathroom mirrors have also received many certificates, such as UL, ETL, FCC, CE, RoHS, SAA, etc.

With more than 20 engineers, OkayMirror can help our clients customize different functions, such as anti-fog, RGB colorful backlight, dimmable lighting, wireless speakers, and even voice control. 

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support bathroom mirror wholesale

Support Bathroom Mirror Wholesale

OkayMirror prepares regular-sized bathroom mirrors in warehouses to support wholesalers requesting products in bulk.

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Customize Functions of Bathroom Mirrors

Any functions are available, Antifog, color changing, dimmable, CCT changeable, wireless connection, high CRI light source, time and date display, magnification, and so on.

bathroom mirror function Defogger System

Defogger System

bathroom mirror function Light Color 3000K-6000K Switchable

3000K-6000K Switchable

bathroom mirror function Brightness Changeable

Brightness Changeable

bathroom mirror function Colorful Backlight Control

Colorful Backlight Control

bathroom mirror function Touch or Wave Switch

Touch/Wave Switch

bathroom mirror function Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

bathroom mirror advantage Waterproof LED Lights

Waterproof LED Lights

bathroom mirror advantage High CRI LED Lights

High CRI LED Lights

Best LED Bathroom Mirror Partner in China

As a professional LED mirror manufacturer, OkayMirror company can be your best business partner by providing custom services to our clients.

  • No MOQ: 1PCS sample order is acceptable.
  • OEM: as manufacturer behind your brands.
  • Certificates: full range credentials to help you get orders.
  • Custom shape: R&D team can support custom requirements for shapes.
  • Custom functions: switch sensor(touch/wave), backlights, night lights, RGB color changing, color temperature changeable, dimmable, integrated with smart time and weather display, defogger system, built-in speakers, Bluetooth connection, and so on.
  • Molding: Engineering team can also help with molding according to drawings.

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OkayMirror Engineering Support


About Okay Mirror

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Founded in 2012, OkayMirror is China’s leading lighted mirror manufacturer and supplier.

With more than 7 engineers, OkayMirror is renowned for its professional engineering in the commercial mirror industry. Most of our products are applied to homes, hotels, and public facilities.

OkayMirror helps our customers and partners win more market shares over time by providing customized solutions to different clients.

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Factory Review​

R&D and Sales Team

Your LED bathroom mirror projects and orders will be followed up by our trained and experienced sales team.


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