Top 10 Interior Design Magazines to Inspire Design

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Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a renowned global publication that celebrates the best of architecture and design. Known for its visually stunning spreads and exclusive inside look at the homes of the world’s most influential people, it is a treasure trove of design inspiration. The magazine features a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary, and covers the latest trends in the interior design industry.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Showcases the work of top architects and designers
  • Offers exclusive home tours of celebrities and public figures
  • Features a blend of architecture, art, and design culture
  • Provides international design perspectives with various regional editions

Elle Decor

Elle Decor is a stylish and sophisticated magazine that offers a contemporary lens on home design. It is filled with inspiring interiors, chic decorating ideas, and insights from design experts. Elle Decor caters to the fashion-forward reader, bringing the latest trends from the runway to the living room.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Focuses on modern, upscale home designs
  • Integrates fashion trends into home decor
  • Features innovative designers and their creations
  • Provides global design inspiration with a cosmopolitan flair

House Beautiful

House Beautiful is a magazine that combines beautiful aesthetics with practical advice. It offers a wealth of information for homeowners seeking to beautify their living spaces. With a focus on interior design, entertaining, and lifestyle, it provides readers with tips for creating a warm and inviting home.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Offers practical design solutions for everyday living
  • Includes tips for home organization and cleaning
  • Features a variety of design styles, from traditional to modern
  • Emphasizes creating beautiful spaces that are also livable


Dwell magazine is dedicated to modern architecture and design. It explores the function and style of homes, workspaces, and places of leisure. Celebrating innovation and high-quality design, Dwell provides a glimpse into the world of well-designed spaces and offers insights on how they can enhance our lives.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Focus on modern, minimalist design and architecture
  • Advocates for sustainable and smart design solutions
  • Highlights the relationship between interior spaces and quality of life
  • Encourages thoughtful perspectives on how design impacts the environment

Interior Design

Interior Design is a key resource for professional interior designers and architects, offering in-depth coverage of the latest projects, innovations, and industry news. The magazine is known for its detailed discussion of various design challenges and solutions, as well as showcasing a wide array of projects from commercial to residential spaces.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Primarily targets design professionals with industry-specific content
  • Features a broad range of project types, including hospitality, office, and healthcare
  • Provides extensive coverage of new product releases and design trends
  • Includes profiles of up-and-coming designers and firms


Veranda is a luxury design magazine that exudes elegance and grace. It features the finest in home decoration, garden design, and luxury lifestyle content. Readers are treated to a curated selection of the most exquisite spaces, furnishings, and artworks that are sure to inspire.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Emphasis on luxury living and high-end design
  • Showcases sophisticated outdoor living spaces and lush gardens
  • Offers a blend of classic taste with contemporary trends
  • Provides insights into fine art and antiques

Country Living

Country Living delivers a slice of rural charm with its focus on homes that embody a country aesthetic. It’s a source of inspiration for those who love the farmhouse style and are looking for ideas on rustic decorating, antiques, and simple living. The magazine celebrates the beauty of the countryside and offers practical advice for bringing this cozy and comfortable lifestyle into readers’ homes, no matter where they live.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Specializes in country style and casual, rustic living
  • Features homes that showcase the charm of rural and farmhouse design
  • Offers DIY guides and craft ideas for home projects
  • Includes gardening tips and recipes suited to country living

Traditional Home

Traditional Home is the magazine for readers who appreciate timeless design. It focuses on classic tastes and sophisticated styles that stand the test of time. The publication offers a look at beautiful homes that celebrate traditional architecture, elegant furnishings, and quality craftsmanship.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Advocates for classic design and honors traditional aesthetics
  • Highlights homes with enduring architecture and interior design
  • Features antiques, fine art, and heirloom pieces
  • Provides decorating ideas that blend historic charm with modern comfort

Luxe Interiors + Design

Luxe Interiors + Design is a high-end publication that showcases luxury residential architecture, design, and interiors. The magazine delves into the world of bespoke design, featuring opulent homes, exquisite furnishings, and premier finishes. It’s a visual feast for those who aspire to live in the lap of luxury.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Focus on luxury and high-end residential design
  • Features exclusive interviews with leading designers and architects
  • Provides regional editions tailored to local luxury markets
  • Offers a comprehensive look at the latest in upscale products and materials


Metropolis magazine is at the intersection of architecture, design, and culture. It’s a publication that not only showcases innovative interiors and buildings but also delves into the broader societal and environmental implications of design. The magazine is forward-thinking and challenges the norms of traditional design by focusing on the future of the built environment.

What Sets This Magazine Apart

  • Emphasizes the role of design in addressing social and environmental issues
  • Explores the future of design in urban settings and workspaces
  • Engages with topics such as sustainability, technology, and urban planning
  • Showcases cutting-edge design projects that push the boundaries of innovation
Picture of Author: James

Author: James

This is James, I have been working in Okay Mirror as sales and marketing director for more than 10 years. Knowledgable in LED lighting and mirror technology, experienced in kinds of projects for residential, commercial, and hospitality industry.

Picture of Author: James

Author: James

This is James, I have been working in Okay Mirror as sales and marketing director for more than 10 years. Knowledgable in LED lighting and mirror technology, experienced in kinds of projects for residential, commercial, and hospitality industry.

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